When I Became A Woman

You've made it this far, you'll make it even farther

Stop for a second and remember. Reflect on where you've been & how far you've come. Recognize it or not, it's only by God's faithful presence that you've made it through whatever wilderness you've been in. So now, when you meet other trials of various kinds, you can count it as joy because you know that this testing of your faith will produce strength and steadfastness. And steadfastness will have its full effect, making you perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. (James 1:2-4)

I came across this spoken word the other day after getting some news that bummed me out. I spent most of the day in prayer and praise and lifted up everything that was heavy on my heart. Praising God almost always includes dancing in my book. So, without listening to the whole spoken word I stumbled on, I started to freestyle to it. It struck my heart so personally that I shut my mouth and let my body recall my testimony instead. Now, usually I hesitate to share stuff like this. I like to keep it between myself and God, but I was nudged to share it this time. And I've learned if it's encouraging for even 1 then it's worth sacrificing my comfortability. I've also learned there's freedom and healing in being vulnerable with others. So there's that too...

Enough intro. Here's me dancing to Phil Allen's spoken word "When I Became A Man". Some of his wilderness looked similar to mine and I danced as I recalled the strength of my faith that has only come through various trial and struggle. There's a bigger picture, a bigger purpose for pain. I have struggles to thank for my current strength. I no longer reason like a child in bitterness when trials come, but rather reason like a woman and lift up praise to the God who works all things together for our good. For now, I only know in part, later I will know fully. (Romans 8:28 & 2 Cor 13:12) We've come a long way, y'all. Don't give in now.

Much love.




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