Rise, Shine, and Sweat All Day: ALALA + Y7's New Collection

Rise up, boss ladies. It's time to conquer new land in a few new styles.

Activewear brand, Alala, and the original hip hop yoga studio, Y7, are no strangers to empowering women through fitness and wellness. Both brands, coming on the scene under 5 years ago, have been sweeping the fitness game with rockstar women behind the wheel ever since. And now they've teamed up to rock our worlds even harder with a new capsule collection. The new line drops today! (But thanks to my Popsugar Fitness fam, we got to check out this power couple last week). The collab encourages women to take on their day with boldness, strength, and confidence. With the almost sinful amounts of fun we had last week sneaking peeks at the new Alala & Y7 line, I had to share all the goods with you!

Alala creates athletic apparel that highlights fashion forward designs while simultaneously providing all-day comfort and functionality. And honestly girls, Alala masters the trendy yet comfy workout clothes we've been dreaming about since day 1 of game 1.

Now if you're like me, and your brain runs a million miles a minute and you're crushing lengthy to-do lists on the daily, then you probably highly value some serious chill time, too. Lucky for us superheros, Y7 Studio has our back with their game changing, "sweat-dripping, beat-bumping, candlelit yoga" to chill us the eff out. Y7 is shaking up the yoga scene by taking the best traditional techniques and flowing alongside your favorite hip hop tracks. And honestly, yoga has never made me feel cooler.

Last week, I got to meet some of the amazing women behind the scenes at Y7 and Alala. We suited up in new outfits, took class together, refueled with protein packed snacks and snapped some fun pics. I got to flow in the new Kea Crop sports bra and I'm easily obsessed with it. The sports bra is reversible. Yup, REVERSIBLE. You can rock the sexy low cut in front or switch to the zen prayer hands. It's a comfy and flattering fit that moves with you. I was an XS sports bra, which is typical for me, but the bottoms do run a bit smaller so maybe consider getting a size up than what you're used to in those. There are 5 pieces designed to mix and match ranging from $65-$145 that you can get your hands on right here or at any Y7 Studio.

The collection is designed to get you feeling like a boss and suited up to "Sweat All Day". While Sweat All Day is the motto propelling this collaboration, it's so much greater than just a catchy line on clothes. It truly embodies the lifestyle of so many hardworking women out there who are crushing it from morning till night. If that's you then throw those hands up with pride because this is an ode to you, babe. Keep doing your thing. Whether you're a CEO or new to the office, whether you've been doing it for ages or you're embarking on a new journey, whether you work in the marketplace or work at home, we see you, girl. Your power has been underestimated far too much, but not anymore. Rise up and conquer new land or start new things with confidence today. You're not alone. There are millions of hardworking sisters by your side who are cheering for you. There is no one else on this Earth for such a time as this that is capable of doing the very thing you do the way you do it. So, get it girl. Don't hold back. Flow hard and Sweat All Day.





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