Embrace Your Different

What if you believed in you the way that I believe in you.

You are different. That's great. You don't walk, talk, act, or look the same as those around you. You care about different things and you have different strengths than other people. I promise, that's really good. Because there is only one you, who can do the things that you do, and the world is waiting for you to do them. The unique arrangement of traits and skills and passions that you have will produce something beautiful that only you can. And we're all waiting for the moment when you believe in you enough to do what your made to do. Because there is not now, nor will there ever be someone who can do the things you're here to do.

Maybe it seems like other people are already doing what you want to do. Maybe you want to write a book, start a blog, make a movie, create a youtube channel, whatever it might be. You should know that no matter how many people set out on a similar mission as you, they will never accomplish what is yours to accomplish. What's meant for you, is for you. The people you'll inspire are waiting for you. And I gotta tell you all of your power lies in those things about you that make you different. Just because they're doing it, doesn't mean they can do it like you.

I get it though. It's not always that simple to love the things that make you stand out. And somehow instead of understanding our strengths, we've gotten way too good at identifying our weaknesses. For whatever reason, we fear being noticed for our differences. So I guess it's time to get in the ring and give fear a little roundhouse to the head so we can get on with our lives already.

The more we want to blend in, the more our confidence shrinks and we resort to comparing ourselves. Comparison continues to cut your confidence and steal your joy. Then, as you doubt yourself you minimize your own potential and lose sight of your vision. And now what's left is a growing fear of being who you really are. That fear will stop you dead in your tracks if you let it. Now, these are all totally normal feelings. But that's all they are, and that's all they should be. So take a look on the flip side. Confidence is certain that the victory is yours for the taking. Faith will propel you into your purpose with no need to strive for it. And courage will make your wildest dream a reality. These feelings will come and go, they'll help you and they'll hurt you, but the cool part is you get to choose which ones you give power to.

I'll be the first to admit that for the longest time, I was doing it all wrong. I got used to comparing myself to the point where I couldn't really tell where I stopped and another person started. I was a melting pot of everything cool I saw in other people. Because well, if other people liked them, well surely they'd like me too if I did the same things. So I traded who I truly am for the validation and acceptance of others. Ironically though, I wasn't accepting myself and that became a bigger problem. When I tried to do something I enjoyed and was made for, I doubted my abilities because I didn't know myself, I only knew the pieces of other people that I tried to be. So I got worried. I worried to the point of an anxiety paralysis that said I'd never figure out what I'm doing with my life and why I'm even here. Then, I hid behind fear because hiding was more comfortable than courage.

I was stuck. I tried to be courageous, but I kept falling flat not knowing where I went wrong and why I couldn't hold on. I put my big girl pants on and went back to the things that used to frighten me. Honestly though, it didn't work. I'd walk in all tough and then run out with my tail between my legs. Here's why: I learned that courage can't live where confidence doesn't. And I couldn't be confident in who I was if I was busy trying to be like everyone else. So, it took some time, but I began stripping away everything about me that wasn't really even me and learning to get comfortable with those things about me that made me different. I gave up the unrealistic body image I desperately tried to uphold and starting loving my body more for what it could do. I ditched the need for the approval of others and made sure I approved of who I was. I exposed every battle wound and let them speak of my strength and show off my healing. I was no longer ashamed of who I was because I wouldn't let my battles become a part of my definition. When you do that, you've already lost.

So here's the charge: take away the power you used to give to your fears and give it to your spirit instead. Let God into the deep, dark, and dirty places of your heart and let Him heal you. Then, when you look in the mirror I pray that you love what you see. I wish that you'd keep looking until you see royalty and victory. Keep looking until you see the child who was adopted by the King and hand picked to inherit an entire kingdom. Keep looking until you see the strength in your arms that were taught to defeat the tallest giants. Keep looking until see the fighter that was in you all along. The one who never gave up and sure as hell never will. See the faithful warrior who is made to operate in courage and rest in peace because of their unshakable confidence in the God who made them.

I pray that you'd know without a shadow of a doubt who you are. You're the one who has victory written into your DNA. The one that knows no "failure" because every step means you're closer to your destiny. The one that is capable of miracles every single day. The one that has the creator of the entire universe on your side protecting and defending you. The one who shines when you embrace your differences.

It's time that you see that your differences are the very best part of you. The things that set you apart are your greatest strengths and will cause you to do amazing things in your life. Your identity is not found in your struggles, it's found in the words God spoke over you when He created you. No one, and I mean no one, can define you other than you. So let go of those insecurities, embrace your differences, pick up courage, and let's get a move on, world changer. It's your time now.


& If something scares you. DO IT. Odds are, that's the very thing you were made for.

& If you get discouraged because your dream is so big and you don't see anyone else doing it, then you picked the right dream. Don't give up on it. You don't see it, because you're the one who's supposed to create it. And you can only do that when you are 100%, unapologetically you.




"For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught." Prov 3:26

"I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it well."

Ps 139:13-14

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