Here's Why I'm Going to Haiti

In 1 month, I'm going back to Haiti to host a summer camp for Child Hope International with a team of spiritual gangsters (for Jesus of course).

Before I go, I want to clear a few things up and put a few thoughts out there:

I've done a lot in my life for selfish reasons. I've made great goals and accomplished great things for myself and every time the reward is empty. I've achieved successes, quickly realized I'm still unfulfilled, and left wondering why. Learning the long way, I know now that my life is not my own and it's not for me alone. I was made for something far bigger than me - something where "loving well" is at the very core of my purpose. As I've grown, it's become my hope and earnest desire that every action I take in my life is motivated strictly by loving well - just as it was for Jesus. I recognize that's a loaded and difficult goal to live up to, so let me quickly say I've failed and will fail again, but my failure is not apart from the grace of God that covers me, gently disciplines me, and reteaches me. This life is simply a daily mission in learning to share the love of Jesus wherever I may be, and most certainly not an accomplishment I will ever master this side of heaven. But - I will never stop trying to love well.

Now, I'm one month away from landing my feet back on Haitian soil. As I prepare, I have to share my heart because I know that we all have our reservations and worries about supporting short term missions. So hear me out...

Haiti is not a "mission" to be accomplished. It's not an opportunity to hug babies and take photos with children as if they were ours. It's not a time to cover up the callouses on strong Haitian feet with our trendy American shoes. It's not an effort to impose our Western culture upon those who embody Haitian life. It's not just talking and preaching and checking that box off the list. It's not handing out fish without teaching them to be fisherman. It's not much about fixing - but it's everything about loving. At times, loving well does mean meeting practical needs and speaking the truth of the gospel. However, these actions should certainly not be done apart from love. They should be done through laying down our purposes, our plans, and our agendas and saying YES to the (sometimes unknown or unplanned for) needs of another. That, my friends, is what sacrificial love does. And that love is the real reason for this trip.

Haiti feels like a visit home. It's a chance to reunite with global brothers and sisters in the presence of our universal Father (whom we all resemble) - as it is in heaven. It's an opportunity to let our feet get a little calloused as we wash theirs. It's an invitation from our friends into their culture for the purpose of learning how best to celebrate and champion them. It's an effort to listen, learn, and be the megaphone for those who've gone unheard. It's a chance to reveal a beautiful nation full of dignity to those still learning to see that. It's an opportunity to sacrifice our privilege for the good of those without. And an opportunity for a couple different tribes, tongues, and nations to be united all for the sake of love.

I've been given a heavy heart for Haiti. Rarely, does a day go by without a word, prayer, or utterance of my spirit about this place. So much so that it honestly frightens me. The love I have for this nation is greater than I can articulate. All I know is that the last 2 years were that of waiting motivated by sacrificial love. If we've talked since my last trip in 2016 odds are that you've probably heard me say at least once, "I wouldn't have come back unless I had to". I wanted so much to remain in Haiti (and I honestly don't fully understand why), but I came back to the US and I waited. I waited until my Lord said it was good for me to return. I waited because even though my heart wanted to stay, it was better that I left for now.

Fast forward to today - 2 years and a whole lot of growth and wisdom later. And now, it is good to return. While I'm definitely stoked, I'm also fearful. Fearful because loving well is hard. Loving well means doing what is best for the other even if it brings you pain. Loving well is loving people though they may not understand it or even love you back. But if there's one thing me and my team have got going for us, it's that we're following in the footsteps of the greatest lover this world has ever seen. So great that many can't even believe it. And still everyday, He loves us with a love greater than we will ever know or be able to return. Because we've been the recipients of such powerful, unconditional, and sacrificial love - we have a pretty decent idea of how to love powerfully, unconditionally, and sacrificially. So, it's time again that we go and share that love here and in Haiti and to the ends of the earth.

With that, I ask that you would first cover us in prayer. Pray that we would remain surrendered under the hand of God in all things and at all times. Pray that He would use us as ministers of His healing love in creative ways. And pray that the nation of Haiti be under the mercy and favor of God for the good of His children.

Secondly, know that we've prayed for you. We've prayed that you would choose to love well. In whatever that means for your gifts, your influence, and your purpose. I hope that you wouldn't miss an opportunity to show love. And if you need one, join us. I've sown my own financial seed into this ministry, but in order to return to Haiti I will be raising $2,500. We are planning a week long summer camp for the orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk youth living in the orphanage at Child Hope International. We will be sharing the love of Jesus with these children by helping meet spiritual, material, and educational needs. If you'd like to join me in loving well, please consider supporting our summer camp.

Loving well is not an individual thing - it's communal, corporate, and a family matter. My team and I will be on the ground in Haiti, but love and support from our communities will be the fuel that set this fire off.

If you'd like to support Child Hope and our 2018 STEM summer camp, please click HERE. You can donate any amount just please write "Haiti-Kaycee" in the memo line of this form. Every donation on this page is tax deductible.

Thanks for loving well & may every ounce of love and favor abound for you.

Click through below to see a few photos from last trip!




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